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Village of Romeo, MI

Romeo Cemetery

Village of Romeo Cemetery

Cemetery plot, burial arrangements and any questions regarding maintenance of the cemetery, permissions and rules, or location of graves should be directed to Kathryn Trapp, the Village Clerk/Cemetery Sexton, in order to obtain the most current and accurate information.  Accuracy content of information obtained from other sources and/or websites, not maintained by the Village of Romeo, should be used with discretion. We suggest you contact us first with any questions you may have and we will be happy to assist you.

Cemetery Foundations
Cemetery foundations are ordered through the Village of Romeo Offices.  The foundations are installed in the spring and fall of each year.  Spring foundations are poured the  before  Memorial day, weather permitting.   Fall foundations are poured before Veterans day.

General Rules Ordinance No. 431

  • No vehicle shall be driven on other than established drives except for maintenance purposes.
  • Rubbish or debris shall be placed in receptacles provided.
  • Flowers, trees or shrubs are not to be picked, disturbed or mutilated.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be carried on or consumed on cemetery premises.
  • No firearm is to be discharged on cemetery property. This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at burial services.

Care of Lots

  • The general care of the cemetery is assumed by the Cemetery Board and includes the cutting of the grass, at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of the grounds and the pruning of shrubs and trees that may be planted by the Board.
  • There shall be no individual planting of shrubbery or plants or placing of benches except by permission of the Clerk.
  • The Board shall not be responsible for any kind of individual plantings damaged by the elements, vandals, thieves or by the other causes beyond its control.
  • The grounds Supervisor shall have the authority to remove any or all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants or herbage of any kind from the cemetery as soon as, in the judgement of the Clerk, they become unsightly dangerous, detrimental or diseased, or when they do not conform to the standards maintained. Artificial flowers will be removed after 11/20.
  • Flowers/gardens to be planted in front of monuments and not to exceed one foot. Pots are to be placed in line with monuments.
  • Grave blankets are to be placed no earlier than November 20th and removed no later than March 20th.
  • There shall be no jars or glass containers used for holding cut flowers.

A complete Cemetery Policy is available at the Village Offices, upon request. Please contact the Cemetery Sexton for lot availability and grave opening and closing pricing.

******No unauthorized work shall be performed at the Cemetery with out the permission of the Romeo Village Clerk******


Kathryn Trapp Cemetery Sexton

Cemetery Board Members

Kelley Stephens January 2022 - January 2025
Debi Martone  January 2023 - January 2026
Sandra Brooks January 2023 - January 2026


Northwest corner of Morton and West St. Clair

Hours of Operation

Dawn to Dusk

Meeting Minutes

All meeting minutes and agendas can be found HERE

Cemetery Maps

These are the current maps available for viewing of all of the sections of the Village of Romeo Cemetery.

CEMETERY MAP                                             Seventh Addition
BABYLAND                                                       SEVENTH ADDITION_PREFERRED SINGLES
FIRST ADDITION                                           EIGHTH-PREFERRED SINGLES
SECOND ADDITION                                      NINTH ADDITION
THIRD ADDITION                                         TENTH ADDITION
FOURTH ADDITION                                     ELEVENTH ADDITION
FIFTH ADDITION                                          MAP_12TH DISTRICT
SIXTH ADDITION                                          NAMES_12TH DISTRICT PAGE 1